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For the time being this page is being limited to information about our international project Science to Patients, in which up till the end of December 2015 73 webinars have been broadcast which have been viewed almost 250K times in total.

On 25th September seven new webinars from Dr. Neil Harrison, British neuropsychologist and seven new webinars from the Canadian ME-expert Dr. Byron Hyde were filmed. Transcripts and translations to subtitle these webinars are being produced and we hope to start broadcasting them by March 2016, first those of Dr. Harrison. He has also consented to answer questions by you in four sessions. All data will be announced on this page, so keep an eye on it.

From January 2014 onward the independent free bimonthly digital English magazine ME Global Chronicle is being issued, which more or less started as a spin-off of Science to Patients. Subscription to this magazine is possible through, textual contributions can be sent in word to


For all information contact our board: 

Webinar 1 - 20 Prof. Dr. K. De Meirleir transcripts and videos
Webinar 21 - 27 Prof. Dr. F.C. Visser transcripts and videos
Webinar 28 - 34 Dr. Nigel Speight transcripts and videos
Webinar 35 - 42 Dr. Charles Shepherd transcripts and videos
Webinar 43 - 49 Prof. Dr. Julia Newton transcripts and videos
Webinar 50 - 57 Prof. Leonard Jason transcripts and videos
Webinar 58 - 64 Prof. Alan Light transcripts and videos
Webinar 65 - 67 Patients' perspective transcripts and videos
Webinar 68 - 73 Dr. Lucinda Bateman transcripts and videos





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wwn 4-dec.2013.pdf584.36 KB
Web seminar 1-20 KDM.pdf459.5 KB
Web seminar 21-27 Visser.pdf826.18 KB
Webinar 28-34 and chats dr. Speight.pdf637.98 KB
Web seminar 35 - 42 and chats.pdf544.22 KB
Webinar 43-49 and chats Prof. Newton.pdf366.01 KB
Webinar 50 - 57 and chats Prof. Jason.pdf466.23 KB


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