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On this page you can find the broadcast schedule 'Science to Patients' 2014, the web seminar video's and transcripts of the project 'Science to patients'.

From September until December 2013 Worldwide Newsletters were sent on a monthly base to all and sundry around the globe, being replaced by the independent free monthly digital magazine ME Global Chronicle from January 2014 onward. Subscription to this magazine is possible through

Please feel free to share any of this material with whomsoever you can and think useful, mentioning its source

We hope to enlarge this single page to a complete English section on our website during this fall.


Prof. Dr. K. De Meirleir
Click here to see video’s 1 - 20
Click here to open transcripts 1 - 20

Prof. Dr. F.C. Visser:
Click here to see video’s 21 - 27 
Click here to open transcripts 21 - 27

Dr. Nigel Speight:
Click here to see video’s 28 - 34 
Click here to open transcripts 28 - 34

Dr. Charles Shepherd:
Click here to see video 35 - 42
Click here to open transcripts 35 - 42

Prof. Dr. Julia Newton:
Click here to see video 43 - 49
Click here to open transcript 43 - 49

Prof. Leonard Jason
Click here to see video 50 - 57
Click here to open transcripts 50 - 57

Prof. Alan Light
Click here to see video 58 - 64

Patients' perspective
Click here to see video 65 - 67

Dr. Lucinda Bateman
Click here to see video 68 - 73


Worldwide newsletters:
World Wide Newsletter 1 – Sept. 2013
World Wide Newsletter 2 – Oct. 2013
World Wide Newsletter 3 - Nov. 2013
World Wide Newsletter 4 - Dec. 2013

From 1 January 2014 onward the worldwide newsletters have been replaced by the ME Global Chronicle.
All issues can be downloaded from




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Webinar 28-34 and chats dr. Speight.pdf637.98 KB
Web seminar 35 - 42 and chats.pdf544.22 KB
Webinar 43-49 and chats Prof. Newton.pdf366.01 KB
Webinar 50 - 57 and chats Prof. Jason.pdf466.23 KB



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