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International Newsletter

January 2014

International Newsletter: The ME Global Chronicle

What started in September 2013 as an attempt to an international newsletter with the title Worldwide Newsletter, has matured to become a real digital monthly magazine, the ME Global Chronicle, with an international team of editors, and is gaining fast support both amongst researchers and ME-patients.

The first issue was sent on 29 January 2014 to all researchers presently known to the ME/cvs Vereniging  as well as to a long list of patients’ organizations and advocates.

If you would like to receive this free magazine, just send a mail to  To unsubscribe just let us know by mailing to

Be it noted, that this is just the start of a completely new attempt to combine forces all over the world, to make one fist for recognition of this devastating illness. To quote prof. Leonard Jason:

The future of the field is in connecting the many patient and scientific groups into one larger body that is united for change. Any events that bring people together across countries and organizations should be promoted.  The message is simple: we have more impact with numbers, and when we flex our collective muscles, then we become a movement like the civil rights, women’s and disability revolutions of the 60s, 70s and 80s.  The HIV/AIDS groups changed policy throughout the world, but they did it by keeping their focus on critical issues and demanding change, and although the voices in that movement were also divided, for a few things like increased funding and provision of services, they were all together.

So join in and participate with written contributions of anything you think all patients all over the world might like to know or should know, by mailing to

The deadline for the October-issue is 4 Ocotber. Sudden news between 4 and 10  October we will inculcate in the October 2014-issue. So if there’s any you know of, immediately let us know please.





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