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25 november 2013

Open Medicine Institute continuing ME/CFS Research Pilots with $612,000

Open Medicine Foundation & Institute is thrilled to announce receipt of $612,000 towards a series of investigative research projects which will take us one step further in our quest to find a cure for ME/CFS.

Compelling areas include:
   Whole genome sequencing
   A virome survey of oral viral flora
   A gene expression study to examine 30,000 human genes for changes in gene expression patterns correlated with improvement/response to treatment

    Two proteomic/metabolomic pilot studies:
       One looking at over 250,000 protein features per sample. Resulting in a protein profile to compare a baseline ME/CFS patient with responders and non-responders.
       The second analysis will examine 30,000 smaller molecule profiles representing toxins and metabolites in the same set of samples. This will further our understanding of what a patient’s profile looks like on a molecular level pre and post-treatment.

    Natural killer cells, B-cells, and T-cells will be looked at for functional performance, activation markers when compared between ill and recovered patients

    Other Immunology studies will include single cell measurements, acetylation and other cellular parameters

    Breath testing for GI flora gas production with dietary changes to start looking at the effect of the gut microbiota on the disease, recovery and treatment

    Measurement of mitochondrial and related biochemical pathways that play a role in oxidative stress and energy production, adrenal and thyroid pathways that regulate metabolic function along with full panels of pituitary, gonadal, adrenal and other hormones.

    Brain/Cognitive Data will be collected using unique on-line programs including reaction time, short-term memory, latency, and additional cognitive assessments. These data will be correlated with clinical and molecular endpoints

    Quantified-Self (self measurement) projects will rely on wearable devices logging data of activity, heart rate, sleep patterns, blood pressure, heart rate variability (a measure of stress) and others.

Leading this research effort will be Andreas Kogelnik, MD, PhD of the Open Medicine Institute. OMF Executive Director, Linda Tannenbaum, announced that funding for these critical projects has come from two anonymous donors that have generously stepped forward to accelerate ME/CFS research to the next level. In addition, over $12,000 has been received from generous on-line giving from individuals. The impact these donors are making provides immeasurable hope for the patient community.   


14 november 2013

Prof. dr. Kenny De Meirleir from Brussels, who has been so kind to give 20 talks on ME which have been broadcast by the Dutch ME/cfs association (click here for transcripts) , has become a medical director at the WPI in Reno. He has also started a practice and has seen his first patients last month.

He will be in Reno again during the last week of January 2014. All his necessary equipment will be ready to use by then. 
Appointments can be made via

Prof.dr. De Meirleir will be in Reno for ten days every two months, besides continuing his practice in Brussels.

Presently he is in Kazan, Russia, where he will explain the purport of the ICC to an audience of 1000 GP's.

Word has just been received from prof.dr. De Meirleir that the ICC has been introduced in Russia, will be translated in Russian and will be distributed among all GP's.





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