Australische Criteria (2004)

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Members of ME/CFS GP Guidelines taskforce:

  • Professor Justin Beilby, Independent Chair, Department of General Practice, University of Adelaide
  • Associate Professor David Torpy, Department of Medicine, University of Adelaide
  • Dr David Gilles, Clinical Immunologist, Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science
  • Dr Richard Burnet, Clinical Endocrinologist, Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Dr Rey Casse, Neurologist and Nuclear Medicine Physician, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Dr James Hundertmark, Consultant Psychiatrist, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Dr Milton Bowman, Private Psychiatrist
  • Dr Peter Del Fante, General Practitioner and Public Health Physician, Adelaide Western Division of General Practice
  • Dr Bruce Wauchope, General Practitioner
  • Dr Ian Buttfield, General Physician
  • Dr Richard Kwiatek, Rheumatologist, The Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Mr Paul Leverenz, Past President, ME/CFS Society (SA) Inc
  • Ms Kristin Clark, ME/CFS Patient Representative


  • Mr Bruce Whitby, Primary Health Care Branch, Department of Human Services
  • Dr Wendy Scheil, Public Health Physician, Department of Human Services
  • Dr Peter Cahalan, President, ME/CFS Society (SA) Inc